Obviously, arriving in a new country can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you do not know anyone. This is where we come in. We will provide you with welcome and reliable support. Upon your arrival in our airport, you will be greeted by English speaking members of our staff. We will reliably take you to your apartment. In many cases, if you are already communicating with any women in Ukraine, it may be possible to arrange for her to be with us. This would most certainly be a very welcome sight for you upon arrival in our country.


When you take advantage of one of our individualized EXPRESS TOURS, we will be more than happy to help arrange the most comfortable accommodations for you. One of the big surprises to me about Ukraine is their hotels. Personally, we feel that you will be more comfortable renting a private apartment while enjoying stay. The prices for a comfortable apartment are usually less than staying in a lower quality hotel. We have a wide selection of apartments to choose from. Our professionals can find an option which makes the most sense for you. All are modern and up to date well equipped with all the necessary appliances and conveniences. You will be comfortable and secure during your stay.

Personal Matchmaker

Today it seems as if there is never enough time to do the important things. We are very often too busy doing just what is required like work, shopping, doing the needed errands. Yet, the most important goal of finding a wonderful life partner and creating a happy family goes unfulfilled. We simply do not have the time that is required to look for our second half. It should also be understood that many times, people do not easily take or listen to the advice of another, even when it is in our best interest. Sometimes, if we were able to step back and really examine ourselves and relationships it would help to solve a lot of problems If we could see ahead of time that a person was not a good match.


Make no mistake about it; communicating with the women in Ukraine will be one of your biggest challenges. Of course, the language of love and feelings is what matters the most, yet these feelings need to be expressed in words. Sometimes communication between people speaking different languages and from different cultures can require a great deal of effort. We recognize these realities and strive to make things go smoothly for you as you search for your Ukrainian wife. The services of professional and well educated interpreters are happily provided to make your communication flow easily and without effort. This will help you reach the heart of your chosen one.

City Guides

One of the best ways to really start learning the culture of a new or unfamiliar country is by exploring your new surroundings. This way, you can see for yourself the traditions; learn the history and stories that your future Ukrainian wife has been brought up with. It is a great way to develop some shared memories and experience which should help to unite you with your Ukrainian dating partner much faster. We have a number of experienced guides who will be happy to show you around. Whether your interests lie in exploring the unique architecture of Ukraine, interesting museums, art or just simply seeing what is available.


One of the best ways to make a great impression on your chosen lady is by sending a gift. All women love presents and your future Ukrainian wife will no doubt remember this gesture for years into the future. The Women for Marriage site has a nice selection of gifts from which you may choose. We offer flowers, perfumes, toys and more. Your gift will be promptly delivered. Each gift will serve to bring you closer to your beloved.


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