Q: What is Women for marriage?

A: Women-for-marriage.org is the best, personalized, on-line-international marriage agency where our user's satisfaction is our primary focus. We provide our members with a safe and secure user friendly interface to communicate with each other in order to initiate that very special relationship. Additionally, we present the most ground-breaking service – Tours. Tours is the best way to meet your future wife instead of time and money waste long-time correspondence sessions.

Q: How do you select Ladies and make sure there is no scammers involved?

A: Women-for-marriage.org carefully select the ladies on our site by working with the most trusted local agencies located throughout Ukraine.  Our local independent representatives make sure that there are no bogus profiles, that the lady you see in the profile pictures is the lady you are actually corresponding with, and that she is single and interested in meeting a man through our site. In short, our members can be confident that with Women-for-marriage.org, they are members of a site who enforce a strict Anti-Scam policy. We have no tolerance for scammers or any scamming activity. And where others only claim they have a “no-scam” policy, we are happy to disclose to our members exactly what it is we do to rid our site of All Scam. For further information, please review our Anti-Scam Policy section of F.A.Q.

Q: What staff do you have to provide your services?

A: Women-for-marriage.org employs a dedicated staff of team members, including 24/7 technical support team to ensure that our site is running effectively at all times. Our Customer Service Team quickly and effectively responds to the questions and concerns of all of our clients. Our Matchmakers team provides ultimate customer satisfaction for All of our members!

Moreover, we are happy to announce that in addition to providing a high level of service for our clients, we are the most cost effective on-line–international solution on the INTERNET. We offer the most advanced services available in dating industry. Therefore, our price to value ratio is the best in the industry.
Women-for-marriage.org are proud to serve you in your quest for your Ukrainian lady!

Q: How Does Women For Marriage  Work?

A: Once you become a member of women-for-marriage.org, unlike other dating site we don't want you to spend precious time for search settings. Our professional Matchmakers will select Ladies profiles to match your personal data and requirements. All Ladies in your Match list are eager to begin corresponding with you.

Q: How Long Does this Finding and Meeting A Lady Take?

A: Unlike other on-line dating services Women-for-marriage.org provide you with special unique service – Express Tours. We boost relationship process in a unique way:
You register, edit profile – we match you with Ladies and provide you List of your Matches to view profiles and start corresponding. We believe that three letters will give your relationships a good start up and that your are ready to meet your Lady. You order a tour and meet your Lady at affordable date. It is up to you to decide when you are ready to meet a girl of your dream.

Q: How does my relationship with a Ukrainian lady usually work?

A: The process in short includes selecting which members you would like to correspond with. Once you have done so, you can communicate via inbox service. Once you have found that you are really interested in that individual, you may view her video. And once you are ready to meet her, you may order a tour. When you have visited her in Ukraine and decide you would like to marry her, you then would acquire a visa for her and make arrangements to bring her to your country.

Q: Why do these women want to move to other countries?

A: There are several reasons: Many Ukrainian ladies feel that Ukrainian men lack the drive to provide a stable, responsible, safe, and loving environment for their families. Ukrainian women feel that they consistently take second place to their partner's social interests and friends. Common and socially irresponsible drinking among Ukrainian men is yet another common dilemma for Ukrainian ladies. Ukrainian women currently outnumber Ukrainian bachelors by a ratio 4 to 1. Therefore, each lovely lady may be competing with at least ten of her girlfriends for those few Ukrainian men who do not demonstrate the traditional bad habits. Ukrainian women enjoy being cherished and appreciated for their feminine characteristics and ability to satisfy their partner. They're women and they love to be treated as such. They realize that Western men are very appreciative of women who are delicate, tender, loving, loyal, and who put their families first. Ukrainian women long for partners who place family values above everything else. These ladies put family first, and they go to great lengths to ensure their family is well cared for. They desperately want partners who will do the same and it is widely believed that Western men possess these desirable character traits.

Q: When I will find a right Lady for myself how can I marry her in her country?

A: It is possible to marry Ukrainian lady in her country. However, returning to your country with your new bride will take much longer than obtaining a fiancee (K-1) visa. In the United States, the approximate time for obtaining a K-1 visa is, give or take, 6 months, and the approximate time for obtaining a visa for a spouse is 2 years. For US citizens, a good reference is the United States CIS official website: http://www.uscis.gov/portal/site/uscis.

Q: Am I assured a response from the person I selected to write or call?

A: We grant you a first letter response from any Lady you decide to start communication with, however all our Ladies are individuals and we respect their wishes and decisions. We want you to understand that our Ladies are not scammers and bots that is why you have to be very tender and sincere in your correspondence to avoid misunderstandings and offenses.

Q: How many photos can I attach when writing emails to my Lady?

A: You may attach 1 photo with 1 letter.

Q: Are emails the ladies and I send to each other translated?

A: Some of our Ladies don't speak English fluently, our Team of Interpretors help them by providing translation servises of every letter they receive and send. If a girl knows English she can write letter and send by her own.

Q: Where can I find the messages I have sent to the Lady?

A: Proceed to your profile's “Inbox” section, choose “View sent messages”.

Q: What are cost of using Women-for-marriage.org membership?

A: The membership is free.

Q: What forms of payments are accepted?

A: We accept payments through Moneybookers.

Q:Why does a warning message appear when I click at view girl profile?

A:Warning messages tell you information the college wants you to know before you submit your registration request. After reading the warning message, you can go ahead and submit your registration request. To submit the request, enter your eServices password and then click "Register".
A confirmation message will appear on your screen to let you know if your registration request was successful or failed.

Q: How can I register?

A: We provide two ways to submit a registration request: via registration button at the upper right corner of any page – to submit a registration request fill the form on the pop-up window and press submit button; via Facebook – you will be redirected to special page where you will submit data from your Facebook account to registration form by pressing button submit.

Q: What data should I provide to register?

A: You have to provide your user name, e-mail address and password. Also you have to submit Terms and Conditions, we kindly ask you to read them to avoid misunderstanding in future. After submitting a request you will see confirmation pop-up window: “Congratulations! The new account has been created for you successfully. Please view your e-mail inbox for you account details. Best regards Women For Marriage Inc.”

Q: I have already register at your system and provide data for registration. Why should I fill the Edit profile form?

A: Editing your profile page is very important for you and your future matches. By providing detailed information you allow girls to get to know you better. Also our specialists will provide better match making if you have provide all necessary data in Profile editing form.

Q: What if I don't want to provide all data at editing profile page?

A: You still have to fill necessary data such as first name, second name, city, country.

Q: Who will view my data?

A: Our specialist in match making will view your profile to provide you with list of girls that match your parameters. Your Favorites and Matches will view your Profile page to get to know you better, so make sure you provide all necessary data to receive better service.

Q: How do you protect personal data?

A: Our Private Policy grants you a protection from using your personal details by third parties. But this guarantee doesn't last in case you have provided your user name or password to third party or in case of fraudulent software that has been installed at your pc. Woman For Marriage Inc. will take all efforts to protect user personal data but we can not grant the 100% of protection due to that fact that we can not control all INTERNET and software you install at your personal computer.

Q: What if my account has been stolen?

A: In case you have find out that your account has been stolen by third party or simply inactive – proceed to Contact Us page and submit a request to administration. We will verify your identity and provide you new password.

Q: I have forgotten my password, how can I recall it?

A: If you have forgotten your password, please check you e-mail for a registration letter from us with personal details or click at the link “Forget your password?” at login pop-up window's lower left corner.

Q: How can I reset my password?

A: To reset your password you have to click at the link “Profile editing” and you will be redirect at Profile Editing page where you can easily update your data and change password.

Q: How can I reset my user name?

A: To reset your user name you have to proceed to Contact Us Page and submit a request to change your user name, administration will view your request and system administrator will change your user name at short terms.

Q: How can I log into my Profile?

A: To log into your Profile you have to click at Log in button at the upper right corner of any page of our site, then enter your user name and password and press “Enter”. If your data is correct you will enter your Profile at once. If you want your browser to fill your data automatically click at the “Remember me at this computer” icon-field.

Q: How can I delete my account?

A: To delete your account you have to proceed to Contact Us Page and submit a request to delete your account, administration will view your request and system administrator will delete your account at short terms.

Q: How can I restore my account?

A: To restore your account you have to proceed to Contact Us Page and submit a request to restore your account, administration will view your request and system administrator will restore your account at short terms.

Q: How can I start corresponding with a girl?

A: To begin corresponding with the lady who has caught your attention, you have to purchase Letter Kit, choose her avatar at your Match List and contact her via “Write a Letter” option.

Q: How can I purchase Letter Kits?

A: To purchase Letter Kits you have to proceed to “Credits” section at your profile and select the preferable Letter Kit then press “Pay via Moneybookers” and proceed to your Moneybookers account to finish purchase then go back to your account.

Q: How can I purchase Video Kits?

A: To purchase Video Kits you have to proceed to “Credits” section at your profile and select the preferable Video Kit then press “Pay via Moneybookers” and proceed to your Moneybookers account to finish purchase then go back to your account.

Q: How can I invite a Lady to a Tour?

A: To invite a Lady to a Tour you have to add her to Favorites, write her at least three letters to provoke an interest then proceed to a Favorites section at your user profile and click at “Add to a Tour” button. You will be redirected automatically to New Tour Page. Choose Tour Type and fill all necessary fields, depending on Tour type you have to add three, six or nine Ladies to a Tour.

Q: How can I view a video?

A: To view a video you have to purchase Video Kit, view Lady's profile, enter Video section at her profile, press add Video, then go back to your User Profile, enter Video section at your User Profile, click on the new added video and play video through specially designed Video player. You may play Video as many times as you wish.